Before anyone touches a hammer, we work with our clients and designers to map out every detail of the project.  We coordinate lead times, review each specification, and we talk through the entire process so that everyone involved begins on the same page - organized.



LDC hits the ground running.  We move swiftly from site protect, to demo and on through carpentry, plumbing, and electrical.  We're on site each day to oversee the progress, which guarantees that questions are answered quickly and correctly.  We work towards efficiency, but never sacrifice quality.  



Construction projects are notorious for going over budget and beyond schedule.  LDC pulls on experience and hard work to stay on track.  Our main objective, however, is to help clients see their ideas realized - so we are always willing to work through a developing vision.  Communication is key throughout the project, and we don't leave until the client is happy with every fixture and paint color.